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that time our dog beat us at cards

Christmas vacation means that I get to spend time with one of my dearest friends, Jill. We’ve been friends since the first day of high school, way back in 1988. Yikes. We’re old. Jill is also Jinx’s girlfriend. He looooooooves her so much. More than I have ever seen him love any other female we have had over. Jill’s visit this year was during our huge snowstorm (45.5 cm in one day!) and it was iffy getting her to our house, but we managed. Sadly, our traditional meal of St Hubert BBQ chicken wasn’t a reality since the restaurant was closed due to the storm. (It takes a LOT for something in our area to close for snow, so that’s an idea of how bad it was out.) Jill brought with her a card game, much like Apples to Apples only for people with sick and twisted minds. Cards Against Humanity is a game of association. Everyone gets dealt a hand of 10 white cards and with each turn one person turns over a black card and you have to put down what you think would go best with the prompt. The person whose turn it is picks which response is best. If your card is chosen, you get to keep the black card.

Jinx started off all sweetness and light, with “cuddling”.

You need at least four people to play this game so Jill dealt a faux hand, then Jinx settled himself down next to the cards on the table. We called that Jinx’s hand. We would just toss a card from his hand on to the table to mix in with ours. It started off as a joke but quickly dissolved into more when the Jinx hand began to crush us all in winning plays!

I won, Mummy! I won! Can I have a treat now?

There are some really crass, crude and politically incorrect cards in this game. It happens to be hilarious. It’s especially hilarious when the cards played from Jinx’s hand fit perfectly with whatever the prompt was. Or when they were just so horrible it was too much to handle coming from the Gentleman Jinx on the floor.

My name is Jinx and I am SO GOOD AT THIS GAME! *waggle*waggle* I’m beating Mummy AND Jill!

Seriously. Jinx’s hand just kept winning and he was laying, sitting or standing right there almost the entire night. We laughed so hard at the answers being played, both by human and dog, and we were stone cold sober. We played until we hit the bottom of the black card deck, which means we did this for almost FOUR hours. It was hilarious. I think I burned a zillion calories just from laughing.

One of the answers to one of the prompts was “Puppies!!!” and Jill joked that Jinx had played that card – turns out, she was right (photographic evidence above). The next time Jinx played an awesomely funny card was during this hand:

You call me Billionaire Jinx Puppy, of COURSE I’d play BATMAN!!! (Also, he’s just cool.)

The fact that the Batman card is in all caps with three exclamation marks just made it extra hilarious that it came from Jinx. Also, he totally won that round.

Some of the cards are fill in the blanks. Some are random questions and some cards get a little personal…

Not funny, game.

I don’t think there were many rounds without laughter. This was just so fun and if you follow me on twitter, instagram or facebook you’ll have noticed I kept posting these photos. Turns out I desperately need this game. So I signed up on their website to be notified when they are back in stock. This game sells out. Fast.

Jinx’s hand started off really sweet and innocently. The cards from that phantom hand were all nice like cuddling… then Jinx began to concern us. He had an awful lot of answers about BALLS! and not the tennis kind. We think he might be a little bitter about getting “tutored” when he was a puppy. And sometimes, his answers really concerned us and we might want to consider getting him some therapy…

Ethnic cleansing? Really, Jinx? Really??

I am sure playing this game with 4 actual people (or more) will be just as entertaining, but honestly, having Jinx laying next to “his” hand in this game made for a lot of extra laughs. Not to mention – he beat the pants off all of us. He came in first, second was Shawn, third Jill and I was last place.

Snowstorm or not, this was one fun evening. Even if we were beat by our dog. 😉

Good boy, Jinx. Don’t mind us, we’re just removing all sharp objects from the house now…

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