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The 13 Treasures

The 13 Treasures
by Michelle Harrison

I think the best book decision I have made so far in 2009 was biting the bullet and ordering this book from Amazon UK because I didn’t want to wait until there was a North American release date. Sadly, my package was slightly damaged so the book suffered some bent corners, but it did not take anything away from the story or my enchantment with the book.

Tanya can see faeries, though others can’t. She’s been gifted – or cursed, as she sees it – with the sight. And the faeries have been causing her nothing but trouble. So much so that her mother, fed up of all Tanya’s “cries for attention” sends her away for the summer to live with her grandmother in this big empty house. The caretaker’s son, Fabian seems to live to taunt and tease Tanya but soon ends up enraptured with the mystery of the missing girl from 50 years ago and works along with Tanya to try and solve a five decade old possible murder.

The house and surrounding gardens and forest that Michelle Harrison describes has made me long to explore them along with the young teen protagonists. I wanted to wander through the empty rooms and when Tanya discovered the closed off library I think I might have drooled a little. I had such fun reading this book. My imagination just gobbled up every word and plot twist on the pages.

Something happened that doesn’t normally happen for me – I started out hating Fabian with a passion. I was not looking forward to having him tag along on the explorations or even being around at all. But he changed in a way that made me love him by the end. I enjoyed reading about Tanya and Fabian so much by the end of the book. The author did a great job of progressing his character from annoying, socially weird boy to a friend who would be there in a time of need.

Very well written, humourous and mysterious, this is one book that I will recommend to parents who are looking for something for their kids, or young readers who are looking for a magical and imaginative romp through a world sparkled with faeries – even if they aren’t all sunshine and puppies.

For all you Young Reader fans out there I highly recommend this book. It’s not as simple as the Suddenly Supernatural series, but it’s just as squeal-worthy if I see another book from this author in the store (or online, as the case may be, since it is still not available in Canada or the US.)

Michelle Harrison was also kind enough to agree to participate in my 5 Questions interview – she’s my first of the year, too! I hope you enjoy it!

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  • Cat

    Kailana – oh, do! It was a fun read!

    Steph – ahh, you’re one of the lucky ones who lives where it exists! I shall envy that. ๐Ÿ™‚

    Ladytink – no no, it’s nothing like Wicked Lovely. It’s a younger audience and a different plot. I loved WL and this didn’t remind me once of it.