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I have been up and out of bed since 6:45 am this morning. Why? I haven’t the foggiest idea. Well, I might have a mildly-cloudy idea, I went to bed at 8PM last night and for once I didn’t get up every hour to pee. It was blissful. I think I fell asleep by about 8:30 and then I don’t think I woke up until after midnight, close to one. It was amazing! Then I woke up again when Shawn came to  bed.. um… after 1:30 I think. At about 5AM the having to pee every 45 mins started up again. By 6:45 I was exhausted, but awake and my hips were hurting way too much to stay in bed and Jinx was being a pest, so I thought I’d best let the dogs out. I did try to go back to sleep at 6:50 but couldn’t so I was dressed and downstairs before 7AM. Lovely.

But it was lovely outside. So I sat out on my deck and read for a bit until the sun got too hot (it’s really strong in the back in the mornings!). I don’t feel like turning lobster-red today to be honest. So I came inside where I have been alternating between reading, internetting, eating and peeing.

Wednesday I had my annual check up with my GP at her clinic in the town just next to mine. It made a huge difference than having to traipse to the other side of the island of Montreal to the family medicine clinic associated with my hospital. So I will continue to see her there.

A few things about this visit – first, the clinic is about a 2 minute walk from the apartment my grandparents lived in until June 5 a year ago. I could see it from the window. That was hard. It really was, and I thought I was handling it ok until an elderly couple came in and sat in the waiting room and started talking to each other and to the other lady who came in. They spoke to each other like my grandparents did. They complained about the doctor being late and worried about the fact that there was a red car in the spot she always parks in in the parking lot and where would she park. And the elderly man gave the doctor “Five more minutes! That’s it! And then I am leaving!” because she wasn’t here and his appointment was at  8:30 that morning, to which is was corrected by his wife that there weren’t any appointments at 8:30 she only started at nine and their appointment was for after nine. (for the record I was there at 8:20 for my 9AM appointment, only because Shawn dropped me off on the way to work and I wasn’t sure if I had to fill out papers due to this being my first time at this office. And the doctor didn’t show up until 9:45!).

Anyhow, then they talked about going to “the Maxi” when they were done (grocery store called Maxi, for those of you who are unfamiliar with Quebec stuff) and it was so much like my grandparents that I had tears in my eyes. It was so difficult to sit there in that room (which, by the way, for any of you who knew my apartment in Ville Emard that I lived in for 6 years – well, it was THAT. Their waiting room was my livingroom, their receptionist room was my bedroom, the first exam room was my laundry room and the last exam room was my kitchen. With the bathroom at the end of the hallway. Talk about surreal!) so I kept my eyes on my book and tried to focus on reading.  I was very happy when the doctor came in and took me – and not just because she was late and I had to get to work.

HEALTH: Back in February, close to March, I went for those blood tests to see if I had rheumatoid arthritis, because I was in so much pain and couldn’t move. When the results came back a few days later I was given an appointment to review them – IN JULY. Hmm. Since I was seeing this doctor in June at her clinic in St Lambert, I phoned the hospital to see if I could get the results then. It was iffy. But I did get them. So, the good news is that I DON’T have rheumatoid arthritis. The bad news is that they don’t know what I have but I have some very high results which prove joint/bone problems and inflammation. Thing is my pain and lack of movement ability has become increasingly worse the last 6 months. I have to crab-walk up the stairs some times and forget about being able to stand upright after being in a chair. It’s frustrating and a whole lotta pain. So I now have an appointment with a Rheumatologist specialist guy in July – I was surprised to get an appointment that fast. I guess my results are serious enough. Now we have to figure out what it is that used to be mainly confined to my hips/lower back and knees, and had the occasional twinge in my elbows, wrists and fingers. Now those last three are swollen and sore, too. And the hips are so bad I can hardly walk some days.

I’m not even worried about what could be wrong. I am just anxious to find someone that can make the pain go away, or at least become manageable. I mean I dealt with stomach pain for so long that I am used to chronic pain, but since those problems have gone away (thank you, BodyTalk!) I was sort of hoping I was free of irritating pain on an everyday basis. And this stupid pain doesn’t even let up.

*kicks pain*

Oh well, we’ll see what happens as the tests progress. Meanwhile, Shawn and I and the pups depart on a lovely maritime vacation in two weeks. I am so looking forward to that (though slightly nervous about the long drive since I can’t sit for long periods of time) and I am looking forward to leaving this miserable city and province for a while. Maybe we’ll job search while we’re out east. Hmm.


  • Kyle

    You have hip dysplasia from spending too much time around the pups. 😛

    So why not be like everyone else in the whole country and look for jobs in Alberta? People are leaving the Maritimes to get jobs elsewhere…

  • Cat

    Maria – ha. I don’t think it’s as easy as chiro… even the masseuse said it’s not knots or muscle related.

    Kyle – ha. I wouldn’t be surprise. 😛

    Cindysweetums – That’s on the list of things to check. Fibromyalgia too. Trust me.

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