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the curious incident of the dog in the backyard

Poor Jinx.

Really. He’s not having a very good week.

I have transcribed last night’s events for you here:

SHAWN: Crap! Jinx! Get inside there’s a skunk somewhere!
*Shawn runs out further onto the deck to go grab Jinx*
SHAWN: SHIT! That’s NOT Jinx!

So Shawn was running after this BIGASS skunk which was in the far corner of the yard. Jinx was on the other side of the yard. (As depicted by the image below. Click to enlarge.)

Thankfully, Annie was already at the back door and so we didn’t think it was her – but if she wasn’t we wouldn’t have known the difference just by looking out into the dark. This skunk was BIG.

So, at 10:00 PM, as I was about to go to bed, Shawn, Jinx and I had some family fun time in the bathtub. Hmm, that sounds wrong, doesn’t it? Does it help if only Jinx and I were in the tub and Shawn was outside of it? We dumped the rest of the dog shampoo on Jinc and scrubbed. Of course we didn’t do his HEAD because his head didn’t smell skunky. Hooooboy does it smell skunky today. Yuck.

He wasn’t sprayed directly, in fact we don’t even think he knew the skunk was there! He seems to have been misted though because the poor guy is fragrant today. We’re supposed to be going over to my in-laws’ place for dinner tonight for Father’s Day and I don’t know now if we’ll bring him. He’s not that bad unless you scratch his head or get really close. Don’t know what to do. I would like him to be less smelly when we leave on Friday for our 10 hour drive to New Brunswick. Blech.

We washed Jinx’s head this morning. This of course makes the 3rd bath the poor guy has had since last weekend.

I don’t know where the huge skunk came from. Shawn had just been outside looking around to make sure the coast was clear. Ever since that night 2 years ago, we’re extra paranoid. And then POOF this huge thing just appears and now our entire home smells like skunk. Again.


And I was just telling people on Friday how I am still traumatized from that first experience. Now, if I am woken up by the smell of skunk in the night, I automatically jump out of bed in a panic. This isn’t going to help that problem any I don’t think.

So that’s my weekend in a nutshell. How was yours?


  • devi

    hey ya. you might want to try mothballs in/around the fence line to keep them out. i have heard of it working for others. also keep the “grease trap” on your grill clean, they are just looking for food anywhere they can find it.

    for poor ole’ jinx… Avon makes a great bath oil called Skin-So-Soft, get the original scent. you’ll be surprised at how fast and well it takes care of that stink! it does a ton of other things too! my mom used to sell it and we lived in the country with those striped kittys, saved our noses more than once.

  • Mo

    That is the funniest thing I have read it a long time!! I laughed so hard I cried!! I was on the phone with my mom when I read it and she thought something was wrong!! I read it to her and she laughed really hard too!! Sorry, I know it probably wasn’t very funny last night…but just picturing Shawn chasing a skunk around the back yard…LOL!!! ๐Ÿ˜†

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