i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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the last february friday

First things first – my toast is too toasty. I hate that. I am picky about my toast. Didn’t realize the toasting-time knob was different. I blame Shawn. heh. Meh.

Isn’t Pan Flute Jesus like, a month early?? Shouldn’t he be there closer to Easter? I certainly don’t miss him. I wish I had a photo so I could post it here and let the world know about him. I wonder if there are some children who eagerly await his arrival to the Dorval Mall, kind of like they eagerly await Santa? If there are, I feel bad for those poor, sad, retarted children. They need more in their life. [I like how my name for him lives on even after all these years!] Does anyone even LIKE Pan Flute Jesus??? (Jay? Carolyn? Do either of you have a photo you could send me of him?? :))

I’d have more randomness, but I have to leave for work. On the bright side, I can swallow today. Hoohah! I guess sleeping for almost 24 hours is a good cure for a cold/swollen throat!

**EDIT** I will explain more about Pan Flute Jesus in another post. Probably tonight, I just don’t have the time today.

12 comments to the last february friday

  • I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about and I’m too lazy (busy)? to google it since I’m only on my third blog and I’ve got a whoooolllllleeeee roll to get through this morning. LOL.

  • carolyn

    Nope ~ no pictures of pan flute jesus. But I am going to the mall a little later this afternoon. I’ll see if I can find Jay’s camera and try and take a picture. You know this is gonna make me look like I like pan flute jesus…. you know that right? What if Dorval mall security gets me? Will you post my bail Cat?

  • Cat

    meritt… I’ll explain more about pan flute jesus in another post, I promise!!

    carolyn… if those little old men at Dorval can get you then… the world is a scary place!! Think of it this way.. he’ll feel loved for possibly the first time in his life. I can’t think that any one has EVER liked him. Whothe heck buys his CDs anyhow?

  • Glad you are feeling better and can’t wait to see pics of this guy…

  • carolyn

    well there was that one woman that came into the store to yell at me because I made him get rid of the llama and she brought her grandson to the mall BECAUSE of p.f. jesus and his llama. But maybe that had more to do with the llama rather than pan flute jesus.
    You know, I never did see someone buy a CD….. I do however remember someone eyeing his doves and wondering how they would taste…..

  • carolyn

    and they have a young(er) security guard at the mall now. He could SO catch me if he tried.

  • I don’t have any pictures either.

    The little old ladies seem to be keen on him. They all stand in front of him and clap when he is done.

    YOU made him get rid of his llama? How did you pull that off?

    And he came into the store tonight and I almost asked him if he was Panflute Jesus but i stopped myself cause i didn’t think he would appreciate being called Panflute Jesus.

    3! 4! In a gadda da vida honey!

  • carolyn

    You weren’t there for the Llama fiasco? It was classic. I had an allergy attack in the mall because of the llama and the mall administration found out and removed the llama (keep in mind these allergy attacks are the throat closing, can’t breath, call 911 kind of things) Hence the removal of said llama. I guess they told pan flute jesus why he had to ditch the llama and he just passed it on to everyone who asked where the llama went. I hate pan flute man. And I have never used the word llama so much in a sentence before.

  • Doesn’t Pan Flute Jesus sounds like a porn movie?

  • carolyn

    Does said movie involve llama’s or three fluffy white dogs? Cause that would just be gross.:shock:

  • 4 fluffy white dogs!

  • carolyn

    even worse!!!! 😯