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The Mysterious Benedict Society

The Mysterious Benedict Society
by Trenton Lee Stewart

So it seemed that for a while I couldn’t stop by a book blog without seeing a review about this book. Everyone else was reading it, so why not me? So I bought it.

I think I really would have liked this book when I was in elementary school. It’s right up the ally of the books I would take out of our little library in school. Like the “Something queer…” series by Elizabeth Levy. I LOVED those books! (For example here – although upon reflection, those are listed as ages 5-10, and are a slightly different reading level).

Orphaned kids are being tested and then chosen to join a mysterious society run by Mr. Benedict. Their mission is to join a private school run by the evil Mr. Curtain and try and stop his plot to take over the world.

Ok, so I might have simplified the summary a little bit, but really, that’s what it all boils down to.

It was a fun read. Lots of little puzzles to be solved and each of the four children in the group have their own way of going about solving the puzzles. Each has something to bring to the group and a different way of thinking. Even if I didn’t like many of them, they were still important to the plot. heh

Unlike the Fablehaven books, I wasn’t salivating to know there was another book out there in this series. But I found this one story entertaining and fun. I’m not running out to buy the next installment, but if I ever happen upon it in a used bookstore, or I miraculously find a library that isn’t only French and I see it? I’d pick it up. 🙂

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