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Oh, Sophie…

Yesterday I got the urge to try and do that jogging thing again. It happens every year at this time. The weather just makes me want to get outside and MOVE. Thing is, I can’t run to save my life. Zombie Apocalypse? Yeah, I’m just going to sit there with a sign around my neck that says “Free Food!” Not running away. Nope.

So I took Sophie and Shawn took Jinx. Shawn wasn’t running, I was. I couldn’t jog with Annie because, well, she was ANNIE and she didn’t DO exercise. Or outside. Or many things. She was a big fan of FOOD! though.

Sophie, on the other hand will trot along happily as I attempt to jog. I don’t go fast AT ALL. In fact, Shawn walks because my jog is his slightly faster pace.


Except as I started my first goal run (one end of the street to the other end… it’s about .5 of a kilometre) Sophie started to drag. And drag… and… finally I had the leash extended all the way and she was BEHIND me and kept jerking my arm BACKWARDS. She wasn’t having any of the running. Nope.

So I stopped. I half jogged, half walked back to Shawn. Handed him Sophie’s leash and said “Give me Jinx. Sophie sucks.”

I can’t normally run with Jinx. As soon as you even look like you might want to run, Jinx takes off like he’s singing BORN FREEEEEE!!! and galloomphs down the street. He’s not particularly good at keeping pace (read: SLOW) with me. But he didn’t do so bad this time around.

I walked the next corner-to-corner and then ran another stretch. Walked some  more, pain in my foot that I have been dealing with was getting worse (I will eventually have to bite the bullet and call a physio office I think. It’s getting to the point that I can’t even stand on it.), and then started on my second-t0-last running gig. I told Shawn, “Jinx and I are going to run from that corner, around to the next street and stop by the park.”

Things went fairly well, except my stupid yoga pants kept falling down. Very uncomfortable and I don’t know what pants to wear while running now. Argh. Suddenly I hear Shawn running pretty fast, coming up behind me. As I slowed down to pull up my stupid pants, I thought, “Damn, Sophie! She’ll run for Shawn but not for me?!”

Then Shawn passed me….

… he was CARRYING Sophie!

He ran past me with Sophie lolling around all happy in his arms.

I had to stop running because I was laughing so much I couldn’t breathe.

When he put her down, she pranced around, wagging her tall. SO PROUD OF HERSELF!

Good lord. He said she had a moment of panic when he first picked her up, but then she just flopped into relaxed mode as he ran. She didn’t like that Jinx and I turned a corner and she couldn’t see us, so she ran a little but then stopped. So Shawn picked her up and ran to meet us.

I’m worried Sophie had set a precedent for our walks now. Like hell I’m carrying her around. I’m not in military training! I don’t need to run and carry 28lbs at the same time.

Though, now I’m wondering if the next time I want to go jogging I can get Shawn to do the running while carrying me.

Seems like Sophie might be on to something…


  • darla d

    I’m with Sophie! I HATE running. Although if someone were to feed me tennis balls along the way, I might actually enjoy that! I can spend hours running around on a tennis court until I can barely move, and that is fun. But point me down the block and tell me to run and all I can think of is stopping.

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