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the thing about posting on the iBook is that i don’t have a spell checker…

Since I am a horrible typist and speller, I need me one of them spell checking hoodinkies. So I am forced to write this ranting, whiny post on my desktop PC. On the bright side, apparently leaving the iBook ON for three days actually WORKS at keeping it online. (Although, spilling tea all over the mousepad and keyboard this morning probably wasn’t the best move I could have thought of.) I fear I can never turn off that blasted thing now.

And now for my real post…

I do not want to go work tomorrow. Never mind the not wanting to work part (that’s a total given, you know?) what I don’t want to have to deal with are the myriad of “did you have a great long weekend?” and “what did you do this weekend?” questions that will so inevitably pop up from the second I see my first mortal upon stepping off the elevator.

You see, I didn’t DO anything this weekend. Nothing. And it wasn’t even MY fault. Oh, no. This entire bloody weekend is a wash and there wasn’t a thing I could do about it. And what, pray tell am I doing now? FUCKING LAUNDRY at 11:15 a.m.. What will I be doing all day, on my last day off, on a day with GLORIOUS weather? LAUNDRY and VACUUMING. I am not happy about this weekend at all. It was to be a wonderful 3-days with my hubby, whom I miss and have not seen much of in the last three months. The weather was fantastic this weekend and we were to go on day trips with the dogs and just hang out.

We did nothing of the sort. I didn’t even see him much of yesterday.

I wanted to do so much this weekend. Practice driving. Move the furniture around to see if it fits better in other spaces. Continue unpacking those blasted boxes in the spare room that is to be my music/Tinker Bell room and hopefully find my driving book in the process. Go out to the store with our gift card and buy a new pillow, things for the house.

Did any of that get done? Fuck no. And in response to the “well, there is Monday” comment. MONDAY IS A GOD DAMN HOLIDAY. Stores are not open.

So today I am doing laundry, that could have been done at the end of last week. And I will vacuum and I will try to take a nap. I will spend the day indoors. No nice weather for me. No day-trips for me. In order for a day trip one must actually be awake during the day. Preferably before the afternoon.

And to make matters even worse. I am out of books. Totally. And I can’t go buy more due to the fact that our bank account is empty. We have enough for bill paying, but not for anything frivolous like books or clothes or groceries. I might be able to justify getting gas for the car since I actually enjoy being driven to work in the mornings. That is purely a selfish act on my part.

I am not a Happy Cat this weekend.


  • foradifferentkindofgirl

    I did nothing all weekend, too. Barely left the house, which is truly a sin, given how glorious it was. And Monday? Monday I did laundry. Like any other Monday. Except there were more people in the house to walk over while I did it. Good times!

  • Peeved Michelle

    Whenever someone asks me what I did on the weekend, I roll my eyes and say, “Oh god, who knows?” or I shrug and say, “I can’t remember.” Then I ask them about their weekend and they talk until the elevator reaches the fifth floor and we wish each other a good day.

  • sarcastrix

    Really, it could be worse. I spent most of the weekend inside working on the house. When I did leave the house I was physically attacked by a crazy homeless person. And I don’t even have a husband to not see.

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