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the vegetation war rages on

Wages on? Is it the war wages on? Stupid idioms.

Anyhow, today I recruited Shawn to my cause – Dig Up Evil Vine Roots. The palms of my hands are bruised and swollen from Friday’s adventures in gardening and I am just not strong enough to have dug up that stupid tree-like root. Shawn almost wasn’t either but – we got it!

Here is half of it. The root is so thick and goes so deep, we’re actually worried it’s made its way into our foundation. I was going to leave the middle vine as some sort of “greenery” but once we had the “oh, crap! The foundation!” thought, away went the middle vine!

This one I let Shawn tackle all on his own. It was the largest clump but it came out pretty easily. This one also has thick, deep roots that will come back to haunt us. But for now it’s dead-ish.

Pile o’ roots. Stupid blasted roots. And you’ll note the tissue box on the steps as well. My allergies are bad enough right now that I am quite foolish to be messing with the vegetation rather than staying away from it. But I want this stuff out of my yard!

Jinx was helping us recycle our vegetation. Such a good boy.

And after an hour of digging and root-pulling, we finally got this front garden part to look slightly better. There are still random roots taunting us by sticking up, but damn it! We can’t seem to get them all.


So now I just have to figure out what I want to do in the front. I want it simple and clean and not something that will spread all over high heaven – I have neighbours to think about, too. It’s not fair if my property starts to invade theirs. I’ll be taking extra special care to look at all the flowers and plants that stores have to offer right now. And as long as my weekends are nice and sunny I can hopefully get this done in no time!

And I’d like to extra-specially thank Shawn who couldn’t care less about this sort of thing and stayed out there with me much of the late morning helping me shovel and pull up roots that I wasn’t strong enough to tackle on my own.

Oh, and if you’re going to suggest I plant some random thing that is apparently a flower, only I have to google to find that out – can you please tell me it’s a flower or plant in advance? That way my father won’t leave snarky comments in my posts (hahaha! Of course that comment cracked me up, but we’ll pretend he doesn’t read this and won’t notice I said that! ;)).

Thank you!


  • Elise

    Have you ever seen Pan’s Labyrinth? Well that first root looks an awful lot like the magical root in that movie… Put it in milk and add a drop of blood then see what happens 😉

  • Cat

    Have not yet seen that movie – though I want to! Derek lent it to me last summer and I had it for over a month and never watched it so I gave it back to him. Haha! Sound familiar?

  • envoyette

    Our husbands are great at tackling those things beyond our “pull”. I knew Shawn wouldn’t have a problem yanking that root out! If you want simple, what about Day Lillies. They come back year after year. I’m all for do it once and forget it!

  • Cat

    I like simple, too! But I don’t like Day Lillies. 🙂 They are up there with Tiger Lillies – ick!

    I’ll figure something out. I kind of like the idea of picking my flowers every year (right now, I might not feel this way next year).

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