the anomaly that is me

the week of suck

Um, hello? August? You’re supposed to be one of my two most favourite months. So, what the bloody hell is up with you and the suckage?

This has been my week… well, you already know about the tea/caffeine issue from Saturday night (turns out you don’t make loose tea like you would make, say, a pot of coffee. Three LARGE tablespoon fulls of loose tea in one little pot it apparently so not the way to go). I didn’t sleep much on Sunday either. And after I met up with a bookblogging friend for the first time (she was really nice!) I came home and tried to nap – got an hour. Woo. Didn’t sleep until 5AM on Monday morning though. And had a migraine so bad I thought I would throw up at some point in the night.

Alarm goes off on Monday… radio lets us know it’ll be like, 28°C. Yuck. Slowly make our way from bed to ready to car in a half an hour. Get in car. Turn on car. Shawn goes to shift into drive and… nothing. The shifter was perfectly happy to stay in park. Um, what? This car is TWO YEARS OLD.

I phone work and say I’ll be late – here’s the thing, our stupid bus systems have changed to this stupid Opus card thing. You can no longer buy actual paper tickets to take the bus, you have to add things to this card and you can’t get downtown tickets on the southshore and you can’t get southshore tickets downtown. And very few places other than the metro stations actually have the kiosks to put this crap on your card. Both our cards were out of tickets. Well Shawn’s might have had one downtown ticket left. And we had no cash on us, so heaven forbid we can pay the $3 something each to take the south shore bus to the metro.

So then the tow truck comes and it only has room for Shawn (what would have happened if we weren’t in our own driveway? How would I have got anywhere?) we thought we’d take the tow-truck to the dealer and then take their shuttle to the bus depot. Anyhow.. my wonderful Mummy came and picked me up and drove me to the dealership. Meanwhile I had phoned work again and said I was just going to take the entire day as a personal day because if we had to pay anything I was the only one who had a high enough limit on their credit card to pay (but we were seriously hoping this would be covered under our warranty – and it is!).

So my mum drove us home where we proceeded to wait for them to call us and tell us how much, when, what, etc. Only they didn’t. Shawn called THEM at almost 5:00 PM only to be told the car would be looked at “some time tomorrow”. Lovely. So Shawn walked 30 mins away to the nearest place to try and fill up our stupid opus cards with southshore bus tickets.

Went to work yesterday by bus/metro – all good. Around 3:30 car place phones Shawn and says it’ll take a week to get the part. But we can take the car tonight. So we have the car, and the trick on how to get the shifter to work if it gets stuck again. Ok. My wonderful Daddy picked us up when we got off the bus and drove us to the dealership last night.

I love my parents.

I slept Mon-Tues though. Yay sleep. Migraine came back yesterday and I didn’t sleep last night. We don’t have much food in the house due to having every major payment due over the weekend (mortgage, car, insurance for house and car, heartworm pills, property tax and school tax. OH MY GOD!) and I was in a lousy bad mood and threw things around and kicked things (like the fridge and the pantry door), washed some dishes and threw them around. I was pleasant to live with last night. Every nightmare I had over night made me angrier and angrier. Until  the last one where I drempt that Annie was stuck between two pic-nic tables (one on top of the other) and that she was caught in her leash, all tangled up and it was wound around her neck and her paw.

Then when we got downstairs Shawn told me that Annie can’t put any weight on her paw. She’s holding it up and had trouble balancing while eating. It’s her front left paw and for the life of me I can’t figure out what’s wrong! It’s not swollen, I don’t feel any lumps or bumps, she doesn’t pull it back if you touch or put pressure on any part of her paw/leg. But she can’t put weight on it. And I’ll tell you it broke my heart to leave her there and go to work this morning. We brought the water bowl closer to her so she didn’t have too much. So now I am crossing my fingers as we head home in hopes that she’s ok tonight.

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