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the year of going places

Like the Year of Doing Things I had in 2010, this year turned out to be my Year of Going Places (Quebec City, Kingston, Toronto, Ottawa, New York City). What I didn’t expect was how much I didn’t actually BLOG about GOING PLACES. I was sure I had. Sometimes updating facebook and twitter makes it feel like I updated my blog. I think for 2013 I am going to make a better effort to blog more and update FB less. I miss blogging, and I don’t actually like FB. I need to kick that habit.

So… here’s my 2012 in review, point form.

January (6 posts)

  • as in 2011, I didn’t blog much that month
  • turned 36 and had some friends over
  • tried to cook more often, that went up and down
  • was still trying to get over the stress of the strike & stuff in the office



February (4 posts)



March (6 posts)

  • my macbook pro died and I lost a bunch of photos. *sniff*
  • I had a horrible plague, that the doctor said wasn’t a lung infection
  • my husband had a birthday and I love him very much
  • my sister & I threw our parents a surprise going away-slash-40th anniversary party at a Cabane a Sucre at the end of the month. They were moving & celebrating their anniversary in May, so we wanted to get this in before they left.


April (6 posts)

  • I grieved over the loss of a Bull Dog I had never actually met in real life, and was thankful for the friendship I had formed with the dog’s human. The internet can be an amazing place sometimes.
  • Shawn & I went on our first ever trip to Quebec City over Easter weekend and although we relaxed, we didn’t really think it was a Big Deal while there. And of course I never did blog about this trip. Ugh.
  • Sophie turned 2, and ate all the corners off our coffee table, and some shoes.


May (2 posts)

  • apparently this was not a blogging month =/
  • my parents moved to Kingston, ON
  • had a central air unit installed & OMG bliss!
  • planted what would soon become Jinx’s Garden
  • I went to Kingston by myself & by train, over the long weekend in May to see their new place.


June (4 posts)

  • went to New York City to see Kristi and attend BEA 2012 and visit my cousin
  • let Jinx take over the garden
  • spent a lot of time outdoors, which is unusual for me in the summer


July (11 posts)


August (18 posts)

  • attempted to do Blogust – blog every day in August, with my internet bestie Yoj. Failed, but did a lot of soul searching at the same time.
  • might have failed at Blogust, but I rocked the August Photo A Day. =P
  • played in the garden some more with Jinx
  • had a blast at the All Star Reunion Dance at my old church
  • I didn’t have a very eventful August 😉


September (3 posts)

  • didn’t blog much, but a ton of Big Life Events happened
  • Shawn & I visited Kingston over the long weekend (didn’t blog about it. Ugh.) we fell in love with that place & are sad there are no real jobs so we can’t move there.
  • went back to school for the first time since 1995. Scared out of my mind, only one course to start, but still. Did it.
  • got that pesky tree cut down in the front yard & FINALLY had the  HOLE IN MY DRIVEWAY filled in.
  • joined weight watchers, though I don’t talk about it with people and yes, that’s what those protected posts are about
  • went to Montreal Comic-Con for the first time ever. It was ok.


October (13 posts)

  • didn’t do much because I was pretty swamped with that one course I was taking – had to hand in a research paper that nearly made me give up out of extreme panic and anxiety. I didn’t though and I got an A!
  • started to reorganize my kitchen so it was better suited to my cooking more often. Kept the slow cooker out on the counter, instead of in a cupboard so we actually USE it often now. Whee!


November (8 posts)

  • did school stuff
  • doubted myself
  • went to Toronto to visit friends & an amazing sticker store (didn’t blog about it!)
  • decided to hand-make all my Christmas cards
  • lost weight, gained weight, lost weight


December (16 posts – including this one)

  • went to Ottawa to visit Monkey (didn’t blog about it!)
  • had a super fun 24 Days of Tea advent calendar from DAVIDsTEA – loved it!
  • Jill came over, as usual, during the Christmas break and her boyfriend Jinx was very happy & we played a rude card game that made us laugh and laugh and laugh. Jinx WON!
  • 45cm of snow on Dec 27 (the day Jill came over) – so happy we didn’t have to drive anywhere!
  • had an amazing Christmas with the man I love. Didn’t blog about it, like I normally do. To tired to blog.


And there you have it… my simple and quiet year in review. I’ve been making some changes to my life, to help me see things in a happier light. I’m eager to see where 2013 leads me. Not only do I tend to do better in odd-numbered years, 13 is one of my favourite numbers.

I don’t really do the New Year’s thing and I never make resolutions, but I am looking forward to improving the changes I have made so far and just becoming a better person all around. Part of that is to try and be less negative and try and stop getting so angry at everything. Just accepting and changing when and where I can. I feel like a better person that way. My soul is happier.

And spending time with loved ones, both family and friends. I want to do lots of that next year (and forever). Reminding myself what the important things are once more.

Happy New Year, my friends. Thanks for sticking around.

PS – Our driveway STILL isn’t finished… just in case you were wondering. Although the hole did get cement poured in it. Cement. NOT asphalt. And they never came to take the asphalt and crap off our lawn either. Not that happy about this. Ugh.

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