the anomaly that is me,  year in review

the year of unexpected adventures

Everywhere you look right now, you’re flooded with 2014 posts: best of; worst of; this list; that list; red fish; blue fish.



This isn’t really a post like that. Sort of.

Last year, I was oddly optimistic and hopeful at the start of January. It’s a rare thing for me to feel that way, but I had such a strong gut instinct that things were going to be good in 2014. I was suspicious of my feeling because it was an even-numbered year, and those of you who know me know I don’t have good even-numbered years. But I really did think that 2014 was going to be a positive one.

I was ready to choose my own adventures as they came along. I was going to take chances, and risks. I completed a Spartan Race (hoooboy!), I was enjoying being more creative. I was ready to adventure.

The adventures took a dark turn halfway through the year with the unexpected, and sudden loss of Jinx. My husband’s job search took a lot longer than we thought it would and we had such difficult times. It was so very, very hard to find any positive in the universe. On top of our own heartbreak and grief, was the heartbreak and grief just oozing from the news, all over the world. You just couldn’t escape the dark.

And I am so very, very tired of the dark. I need more light in my life. More sunshine.

Our year ended with an epic road trip – 2110km away – to adopt our newest furry family member. The trip was a much needed distraction from everything going on right now, and we are starting off the new year with an extremely snuggly, and loveable boy who turns three today. He’s a new year’s baby. The road trip wasn’t the most fun ever, mostly because we find traveling rather exhausting, but it was an adventure we will always look back on as our lives move forward. One we will talk about for days to come. We brought new love and light into our life before Christmas. The house feels full again, and there’s a break in the gloom that’s been hovering over us.

I have no goals for 2015 other than to try and find something positive in each day. I’d like to say I will write these positives down daily, but I know that will mean I’ll get tired of doing it, or annoyed with myself if I forget. So I’ll work on keeping track of this mentally.

With the help of  Shawn, my family, and my amazing group of friends, I think this might be one goal that will help make 2015 a decent year.


  • Louise

    We wish you every happy Lappiness for this year and your MyMylo sends all his love alongside ours xx

  • Jennifer

    Welcome to the handsomeness that is Yoshi! And very happy new year to you all. I’m so sorry you lost your beloved Jinx last year. May this one bring nothing but happiness.

  • Amanda

    My year took a really dark turn right around the same time, in a way I still can’t speak about publicly, when it started out so very bright. Here’s to a MUCH better 2015. I hope.

  • Sam

    I remember your adventure to pick up your new baby on Instagram! I was like, overjoyed for you guys because of the heartbreak you went through with Jinx. So glad you have the new addition, both beautiful dogs!! 🙂

    I wish you the most absolute positive turn for this year! I hope you find something positive about every single day, but if you don’t, there really is nothing wrong with that, too. I’ve found myself positive almost every day, but even I have my days where I can’t really find anything good about it. It just happens. But anyway, I wish you nothing but happiness for this year, my dear. Good cheer, lots of laughs and make tons of new memories! And keep writing your poetry, I agree with Jennifer – I love it. Always!

    • Cat

      Thanks so much, Sam!! I am so sorry I fell off the blog reading wagon last year. I really need to catch up on people’s lives and leave comments more this year. I think that will be one of my ways of finding positive! Comments really make ME happy, so I am sure other people love getting them, too! 😀

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