year in review

the year that lasted decades


*deep breaths*


We all have feelings about 2020. Some of us have Very Strong Feelings. I am one of those someones. And I have written and rewritten this post in my head for the last couple of weeks and I couldn’t come up with a way to not make it depressing as all get out.

I still can’t. I am in a horrible head space and I am exhausted by it.

But I have seen* friends have babies, and friends buy their first homes. I have seen friends get married. I have seen friends start new, exciting chapters of their lives. Even we moved to another province, and although that did not go anything like we had planned (or hoped), we are here. And this is something I have been wanting to do for most of my life. I just happened to finally make it a reality the same year the world fell apart.

I am not very happy these days, but I know there were some sunny moments in a year that was mostly gloom. We could use jobs. And I’d really loved to have bought a house this year instead of being in the rental we’re currently in. But we are healthy (so far). And I love the city we’ve moved to.

So this year’s recap isn’t really a recap, otherwise it’s just going to depress me even more. I’m trying very hard to reflect on the good things that have happened around me.

I don’t think that I’ll wake up tomorrow morning and the world will no longer be a dumpster fire, but I am happy that this particular year is coming to a close. The 2020s roared a little too loud. But I did get to spend a lot of time in my sweatpants with my animals. And take naps. So, that’s kind of a win in my books.

*By SEEN I mean, through social media, and text messages. Not actually SEEN in PERSON. Because pandemic.

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