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then and now

So one year ago, this was Easter weekend and I was moving into the lovely house I am currently sitting in and writing to you from.

One year ago. Can you even believe that? I can’t. It all went by so fast.

Granted, Leap Year happened at the end of February, as it tends to do every four years, and so the dates are all screwy. We moved in on April 6, 2007 and that was a Friday and now it’s a Sunday, but the weekend is the same!

I was going to post some Then and Now-type photos but decided against it for now since the rooms upstairs are in a shambles as we were repainting that last wall earlier for what will hopefully be the LAST BLOODY TIME! (Though I don’t think so because I was just up there now and there are some pretty bad streaks. GAH! This wall will be the death of me!) Once the room is back together the way it should be (with streak-less walls) I will take a photo. Technically I could use the ones in this post, but the walls aren’t painted yet and it’s not the way it is NOW. So I can’t. Yes, I am that persnickety about things!

I am most cranky about the streaks on the wall upstairs. I just put all the frickin’ paint stuff away, too! Argh! I am not impressed and I can’t just leave it like that, it’ll bother the heck out of me and I can’t have people over and see the wall done that shottily! *fume*

We still have moldings and baseboards to put up and paint and to paint the ceiling, so maybe I can last until then. Though we don’t have the pieces yet, or the paint due to, well, lack of money (thank goodness my parents told me they’d pay for the bike!) so maybe… I don’t know. Oh, this is just terrible!

This was a very full day, too. Not only did we repaint the wall (badly – argh!) we also took the pups to the vet for their annual shots and check up! Now we’re up to date with shots and ready to hit the road at the end of the month and head for Auburn, MA to meet up with a plethora of Finnish Lapphunds from all over the USA (and Canada) for a fun-filled National Specialty Weekend! It’ll be the first time we will drive over the border with dogs, not to mention the first time Shawn and I will be driving that far away and to Western Mass!

The surprising news from this visit to the vet? Jinx actually outweighs Annie! I think my jaw might have hit the well-sanitized floor when we weighed the dogs. Annie has (thankfully!) lost weight and is now 46 lbs and Jinx has gone up TEN pounds since last year (growth, not fat!) and is a whopping 48.8 lbs!! We’re still trying to get a couple of pounds off the Belly, but Jinx seems to be at his max – something I never thought he would ever reach since he took so long to fill out. Now I just need to make sure we maintain his weight, since he’s pretty active I think we’ll be safe, but you never know.

Next step? Those dogs have to go out and find well-paying jobs! Geez! This trip was over $400 for the two of them. Ulp. Stupid shots and heartworm pills!

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