i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings.
i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds.
i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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“there comes a time when we must all let go of that that we know” – maria taylor

Reason number 50,003 why I dislike work – it makes me sick. I woke up this morning with a stuffed head and a sore throat. I haven’t had one cold or flu at all this winter. But this morning I feel like crap. Two days back at work and it gets me sick. Phooey!

I kept choking myself awake last night. I was having trouble breathing… I would wake myself up with some noise which I thought was a snore (not that *I* snore, mind you. :)) but it appears it was just me choking to breathe. Lovely.

Oooh, tomorrow is Thursday, which means new job postings at one place. Woot.

My friend Val is buying a house. I’m very, VERY jealous. I want a house. I discovered a street a few blocks away from me that has these cute houses on it. I was shocked to find that, I thought everything in my part of the neighbourhood was rows and rows of attached buildings – duplexes, triplexes, apartments. But this one street has these lovely stone and brick houses on them, not huge, but still most are at least 2 floors (gotta go UP stairs to bed, yo! I hate having my bedroom on the same floor as the rest of the place.) I am sure they are expensive, because that’s what houses are. And I think most of these places have been in families for generations, so I don’t know how often they go up for sale… but it’s at least something I can dream about and keep an eye on. Anyway, I am super envious of Val and her home buying. That’s something I have wanted forever. I am tired of renting… but alas we do not have the money to buy a home, and trust me I have looked into it many a time, so I won’t listen to you if you say “oh, it’s easy as pie for first-time home buyers”. No, it ain’t if you don’t have the money.

To answer Mishka’s question in comments… no I don’t have my driver’s license, I only have my learner’s permit, and that has already been renewed once, so I’ll have had it for 2 years come April 15. I think I have driven our car about 4 times in that time. I am really uncomfortable driving that car AND the areas we have to drive here aren’t really new-driver friendly. So who knows what will happen. I have until October something-or-other before it expires again. I think I can renew it for another year, I’m not 100% certain about that, at some point I would have to take the permit test again, but I don’t really know what the law is, so you know, whatever.

I need a tea, but I really don’t feel like it, nor do I have the money for the tea really and there are issues about going to get hot water anywhere here. Don’t get me started. I hate when my throat gets all swollen like this.. it’s not really sore, per say, it’s just that kind of irritation where you know it’s your throat and it’s hard to swallow because it feels all constricted and swollen.

I’m rambling, sorry. Guess I should see if I have actual work to do since I’ve dilly dallied for the first 26 minutes.

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  • I’m sorry your sick. I would make you or buy you a tea if I was near enough that it wouldn’t get cold by the time it reached you. Cheer up! And I won’t tell you it’s easy to buy a home. I’ve only done it once and let’s just say I don’t even care that the house I live in now isn’t under my name. 😛