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My iBook! After two weeks of tempermentalness it turned on and connect to the net with nary a problem. I am shocked. I am completely baffled as to WHY it is acting the way it is and none of my Mac people at work have a clue. Some think it’s a hardware thing. But I don’t know. There isn’t really anywhere I can bring it to have it looked at, so I guess I’ll just keep on fighting this battle.

I think I might actually keep it ON for the rest of forever though and stop shutting it down once I’m no longer using it. Let’s see how that works for me.

In other news, it was a brutal week, as I mentioned in that previous post. My migraine has finally abated, though I am not sure for how long. I am not looking forward to returning to work on Tuesday. Just the thought of everything I have to do it stressing me out way too much.

We now have living room furniture. Well, some. We are the proud owners of a couch, love seat and chair in chocolate brown. Now we just need a rug, some end tables, a coffee table and lamps so that we can see. I might take a photo and post it here, not sure yet. I was quite excited about this furniture until it was delivered, seems it’s a little too big for our space. Sigh. I can’t get it to lay out properly. We’ll look at it this weekend since it came in on Wednesday.

I suppose the in-laws are good for something since this was their gift to us. Heh.

Ignore the ugly blanket on the love seat – that’s for Jinx since he loves to look out the window and I don’t want my furniture covered in fur! Also, my walls, which look yellow in these photos are actually green and so the brown goes nicely in real life. 😉

Is it sad that I am using both this laptop and my PC at the time time on the same desk? Hee!

Oh! And it is about 90% confirmed that I will be visiting my cousins in New Brunswick at the end of October. I have not booked my train tickets yet because I am waiting for the “official” vacation approval from work. However I am very excited both about the 15 hour train trip (wheeeee!! I love trains!) and seeing both my cousins again. It has been way too long since I have been out East (at least 11 years!).

What a boring post. But at least it’s something. I have about three new book blog posts to write up this weekend if I can stay focused long enough.

I’ve been very bored lately.


  • foradifferentkindofgirl

    My test of good furniture is if you can fall asleep on it in a matter of under 15 minutes. I have an oversized chair that if I even *think* about perching myself in it, I’m lightheaded and must refocus!

    Glad you’re feeling better!

  • Kyle

    Oh sure, you’ll go to New Brunswick to visit your family, but not to Northern Saskatchewan to visit me? *sniff* Fine then! :p

  • Peeved Michelle

    My dog loves to look out the window, too, but we have really low windows in the living room, so she can lay on the floor while doing it. She is selective about which pedestrians she hates, but she hates all delivery persons and large trucks.

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