i'm darkness and light, bubbles and faerie wings. i am sparkles and glitter, shadows and clouds. i love purple, and faeries, and books, and music.

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tick tock tick tock says the clock

as of monday it will be exactly 2 months until my wedding.

i feel like i should panic or something. but i don’t feel panicked. everything is in place. i only have a couple of little things to do. my main thing is hoping that everyone sends their RSVPs so we know how many people to make dinner for. i have to tell the hotel on june 1… so if those cards aren’t in i am not guaranteeing anyone a seat or a meal. muahahahaha! i do not cater to people who can’t be bothered to send me back an RSVP when i have already STAMPED and addressed the envelope. it’s not like they have to do anything other than check the yes or no and chicken or steak and then put it in the mail. they don’t even have to spend money.


so it’s a cold and rainy saturday morning here. i plan on filling my DAY** with exciting chores – like washing the towels, the sheets and the dog blankets/ possibly grooming the dog. possibly..um.. dusting or something. you know what will be the most likely to happen? i will nap all afternoon. HA! hey, i have three nights of sleep to catch up on…


crap. you know what i hate? i hate thinking i have mail and then realizing it’s only from myself. i don’t think my own comments should be emailed to me. it gets me all excited that i have email. i think i have the memory of a goldfish… i know i have the attention span of a


tomorrow we should be helping my wonderful friend chelsea move. we’re playing the roll of armored car and carrying all the stuff they want to make sure they do not lose. currently i already have the dress she’ll be wearing at my wedding in my spare room. didn’t want to lose that. it’s a hot dress. heh. and fit into the little pocket of the backpack. *rrrwarr* emoticon chelsea is hott. heh. *waves*


that’s all for now, kiddies!! emoticon
[** i had written filling myself… and that’s just not right!!]

6 comments to tick tock tick tock says the clock

  • I love your random posts. And damn girl, I am so excited for you and your marrying.

  • Cat

    i have a very random mind. you’d be surprised at everything that goes through it and by how much i am always talking to myself. hee..

  • Nobody RSVPs these days, and I even just ask them to RSVEmail if they want and that doesn’t happen either. I don’t know what it is but I guess people just assume you know they are coming…nice eh???

    So don’t be totally surprised if they show but also don’t plan for them because if they don’t, then you are out the moolah. Just have some little things they can eat from the side while watching the rest of you enjoy your chicken and steak…that’ll teach them, right?

  • Wow, two months. I’m getting so excited so for you. I hope everything goes wonderfully and screw the people who don’t RSVP. Jerks!

  • hey cat! have a cruisey day my dear.life isnt meant to be mad (all the time).have a lazy day πŸ™‚ (sort of…)

  • Cat

    mishka… you know what bugs me about the lack of RSVPs though? we have to give an official count to the hotel on the first of june… this is so they not only know the food count BUT so that my inlaws (who are paying for the reception) can pay them for the amount of people coming. i am SO not having them pay for people who i have no idea about. and there won’t really be anything else for people to eat. i don’t know what the protocol for this is. gah! but really.. you’d think people would be more helpful.. you know like my mother-in-law who wants to know if she has to mail me the RSVP or if she can keep it… ack! i want that rsvp! it’s part of the FUN of sending them out. ha! i have extra cards at home she can have those.. but send me mine!! πŸ™‚

    jolynn… thank you. πŸ˜‰ i hope to be as blissful as nick & jessica.. only all the time and not where there are cameras around and without all the rumours… heh.

    geezer… i’m crusin’!! i even napped for 4 hours.. hahah. yay!