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time can fly, but those squirrels had better stay grounded!

My super guard Lappie Jinx does not like to be taunted by squirrels. Oh, hell no! And this pudgy little one just wandered along the fence and climbed up onto the roof of the shed in the neighbour’s yard and just sat there being all pudgy and taunting and all around squirrel-ish! This did not make Jinx happy.

He’s 4 today. A MAN. And Men don’t let squirrels just pudge around all day! Jinx is devoted to keeping these squirrels off our property and out of our line of sight. Which makes me happy since I am terrified of them. However the squirrels now feel the need to show up in force and dance along the fence just to stick it to the MAN that Jinx has become.

So I let him out. Heh. I am horrible. But it was almost 11:00 and so his GET THE HELL OFF MY PROPERTY barking shouldn’t have woken too many people up. Actually he was way more barky than he normally is so I felt bad for letting him out, butย  hey, it’s his birthday today! I had to get him something!

If you click on the photo it’ll open up a larger one so you can see the squirrel better. And did you know the more you write “squirrel” the more it looks wrong? I had to finally look it up in the dictionary to make sure I was getting it right. Ha!

A better birthday post for my little Lappie will be up later, but I sort of liked this shot from this morning and felt like posting it.


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