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tomato plant obession

Last year I had a cherry tomato plant. This year I have a, um, real tomato plant. I don’t know why, but I have this deep fascination with tomato plants and how they go from leaves, to flowers to fruit all so quickly. I had a thought, albeit too late in the season, that I should photograph one flower-to-tomato every day at the same time of day to chart the progress. A sort of time-lapse photography thing. Maybe next year I’ll do that.

I was hoping to have my own little garden in the yard this year but that didn’t work out due to various whatnots, so as I wrote a week or so ago, I picked up my already budding plant at the farmer’s market. It had 3 tomatoes on it already, but only one ripened, the others took their time growing. I now have a second tomato about to finish its ripening phase and I can’t wait!

You can sort of see the other tomatoes hiding among the leaves. I just love looking at the new green ball of fruit through the plant. I don’t know why, but it makes me happy and calm. There is something so peaceful about fruit through leaves. It’s like looking up at the sky through a tree.

I have been thinking that I should have picked up one of those hanging baskets of cherry tomatoes in the end. Even if I didn’t really have a great place to put it. I love how this plant is falling over the side of the railing, looking all wild. That also makes me very happy.

Thanks to Instagram, I never have to see a normal-looking photo of tomatoes again. ha! Tomatoes with funky filters and evening lighting makes me happy. A lot about this plant makes me happy – especially when I tasted that first tomato last week!

The tomato plant makes me miss Annie a lot, though. She loved tomatoes. Almost as much as bananas. She’s steal the cherry tomatoes off the plant at my in-laws’ place and I am sure she stole a couple from my plant last year. Jinx hates them. He’ll beg for a piece and spit it out disgustedly and then beg for a different piece. I wasn’t sure what Sophie thought of the fruit until I gave her a piece of that first one and she nearly took off my hand. Then tonight, as I am watering and photographing the plants I see her nibbling on a tiny green bulb that was just starting to grow. I, of course, told her NoSophie! and then thought “Crap, I have to watch this one” and then thought – oh, this will make a cool photo. Only it wasn’t Sophie I got…

Mr. Jinx puppy had to come over to the plant to see what all the fuss was about. He sniffed the plant, I took a shot and this is what I got. ha! It looks much more ominous than it really is, since I believe he was trying to get the tomato smell off his face.

It’s not him I have to worry about…

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