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truly outragous: one girl’s dream

When I was a kid, I was shy, nervous, anxious, worried that everyone hated me and I loved to SING. Between the ages of 9-12 there was one cartoon on TV that just made everything bad in my life go away. Jem and the Holograms was my solace and my dream. I used to play dress-up with my friends and I’d be Jem and they’d be my holograms. I had Jem dolls (my sister has Misfits, I think?). Jem was my dream, my inspiration. I wanted to BE her when I was a kid.

Jem sang. She had magic (well, holograms that seemed like magic). Synergy was beautiful and purple and could fly. Jem and her Holograms has brightly coloured hair. They were AMAZING!

If only real life was like Jem and the Holograms – with less orphaned kids and people always trying to kidnap and kill the orphans. (Zipper! Seriously! What was your deal with the always wanting to burn the orphans up? Therapy was obviously needed in your life.)

I never liked the Misfits much. I liked Stormer, with her blue hair and raspy voice, but I think that’s because she was the Misfit with the heart of gold. She was nice deep down. Not like Pizzazz and Roxy.

I always thought Rio was rather dumb not knowing that Jerrica and Jem were the same person. Heck, they SOUNDED the same. Also, he was kind of a jerk dating both of them and not telling either one about the other. (So many others in that sentence.) Often Jerrica or Jem would get jealous of the time he’d spend with one over the other and then I thought Jerrica/Jem was the stupid one because SHE could SOLVE HER OWN PROBLEM by just TELLING Rio the truth. I mean, really!

Showtime, Synergy!
(This is my favourite Jem dress ever. EVER!)

So, when I went to bleach the purple and pink out of my hair two weeks ago, in order to change it to something totally different and then discovered that the bleach had turned the purple light pink…

I looked in the mirror and thought, “Oh my gosh, I feel like my Jem doll from the 80s!” And as much as I worried I couldn’t pull off pink (and bleach blonde) hair, I kept it for a while (because the Internet told me to) and it’s grown on me. I felt like my childhood idol. I felt truly outrageous!

And then I found these on Etsy from a store in Sweden…

SuzywanDELUXE etsy shop  – making childhood dreams come true

And I knew I needed to own them. They were $20 and shipping was only $5 from SWEDEN. And, Internet? They were shipped on Thursday last week and they arrived TODAY. Even better, I am home today so I was able to get them moments after they were deposited into my mailbox and then rip open the shiny envelope and… look at them! LOOK AT THEM! They are awesome.

And now I, Internet, I am TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

(and yes, I added more pink to my hair, thinking it would come out a little less bright. Now I have more Kimber hair than Jem hair… I shall bleach it a little more to lighten it. Truly outrageous hair is hard to capture…)

I figure, why not keep the pink hair a little longer, and get the earrings to match, right? Might have taken me almost 30 years to make this dream come true, but I’m totally going to milk it while I can.

Now I just need that record deal. Anyone? Anyone?


  • Molly

    I think I’ve already mentioned how in love I was with Jem and how I’ve always wanted pink hair and to sing amazingly. I always thought Rio was a bit of a dope. Sigh. Oh well.
    I had original Jem and Glitter ‘n Gold Jem and I still have them. I even still have the cassette tape that came with GnG Jem which I must have played ten thousand million times. And I was Jem a couple years back for Halloween (technically for the second time).

    Those earrings came in an amazeballs package! Impressed!

    Coincidentally a geek website I follow on twitter called The Mary Sue kept talking about Jem stuff today.

  • Anabel Leachman

    Hmm it seems like your blog ate my first comment (it was super long) so I guess I’ll just sum it up what I submitted and say, I’m thoroughly enjoying your blog. I as well am an aspiring blog blogger but I’m still new to everything. Do you have any tips for rookie blog writers? I’d definitely appreciate it.

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