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Tonight marks the start of my 2 (+) week summer holiday from work. I am pretty sure my body is ready for this because I have been feeling extra exhausted. It’s like my soul is tired. Or sad. Sad and tired.

I get to spend the first week of the holiday with Shawn. I wish he could take more than a week off, but at least he’s getting something. We’re both on holiday together, both employed. It’ll be nice to just relax and not worry about anything. A friend offered me her cabin up north for a couple of days. It’s on water. I am very, VERY tempted by this offer. I ran it by Mr. Curmudgeon and I don’t think he seemed all that adverse to it. We’ll see. 😉

The second week I plan on doing nothing but sleep and read. Oh! And maybe spend one day doing something fun with my sister and her kiddies. I can drive now so this opens up all sorts of opportunities!

Tomorrow night Shawn and I are off to see The Muppets at the Just For Laughs gala. It’s the first time the Muppets have ever traveled anywhere for something like this. It is a Big Deal in the entertainment world. I am excited. I hope it’s not poorly done though. Hmm.

Other than that.. I plan on eating nothing but goodies from Jinx’s Garden. This is what I picked tonight after work. My sister has already been over to take some home. Jinx is a very good gardener.

It’s RUFFage, Mummy! Get it? RUFF-age? I’m also a good comedian.

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