• Mummy

    That’s so precious! You should send it “out there”! 🙂

    You are already eating your tomatoes? I only have a couple of little pea-sized green ones…

  • Lola Pug

    Watch out for those tomato stems and leaves, Jinx! Not so good for dog bellys. Mama says she wants me to have my own garden, too, but she needs to move first. I want periwinkles to pee on.

    Pug snuffles,

    Lola Pug

    • Cat

      Lola, on behalf of Jinx (who isn’t so adept at blogging or typing), I would like to ease your worries by letting you and your mama know that Jinx does not like tomatoes at all. He also does not like to eat the plants in the garden. He’s a very good – and proper! – boy. He only snuffles the plants every night to make sure they are growing ok. As you can see by the video, it was all Jinx could do to eat that baby tomato. He only did it because he felt it was his duty as Lappy Gardener to taste the first ripe fruit from all of his hard work. 😉 I suppose I am very lucky in this way, since Jinx is such a gentleman. 😉

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