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Violet on the Runway

Violet on the RunwayViolet on the Runway
by Melissa Walker

As mentioned in my previous post, I discovered this book on Teen Book Review. I am so happy that I did. This is an excellent book – well written, great story and just a fantastically fun read!

Violet Greenfield is a wallflower from North Carolina. She’s over 6 feet tall, very skinny and uncomfortable in her own skin. She always hoped there was something out there for her, something she would be great at. One day, while at her job at the movie theatre, she’s approached by a modeling agent from New York City and told to come to New York City for some go-sees and hopefully get to be a part of Fashion Week and jump start her career.

Violet isn’t sure what to do, but she goes and is an instant hit. She gets to walk the runways during Fashion Week and ends up in a whirlwind of model life. The ups, the downs, the real people, the fake people. At the age of seventeen it is a lot to take in and learn and not all choices are the best ones made.

The author, Melissa Walker, had created an amazing character in Violet. The first-person voice used to narrate the story is sharp and witty and sarcastic and had smiling and at times tearing up during her journey.

Violet is a normal, every day teen. Insecurities that I could relate to from when I was 17, try to stay out of the way of the Mean Girls, yet secretly long for their attention and admiration. Try not to be noticed, yet wish silently that you are. She gets lost in the glamourous and often hurtful world of celebrity model and forgets about her true friends in order to try and find her place in the world and who she really is.

I adored this book and am irritated to see that Amazon.ca doesn’t have the second one in stock. Argh! Though the bookstore near work does, and the book is cheap enough that it’s worth it to buy in store rather than online. 😉 So I know where I will be going at lunch on Tuesday!

This is also a book I would have adored even while still in my teens. The characters are relateable and real and the writing style is original and entertaining. If you are a fan of Young Adult literature, I highly recommend you pick up this book!

6 comments to Violet on the Runway

  • I’m glad you enjoyed this book, and happy to have influenced your reading! You should read Melissa’s blog; it (and she) is pretty awesome. Melissacwalker.com/blog.

  • Cat

    Actually, your blog is dangerous to me. I have added too many books to my I NEED TO HAVE THIS list. 🙂

  • I was going to mention, just like Jocelyn, that the author has a blog, but she beat me to it!

  • YAY! Thanks for the wonderful review–I’m so glad you got just what I wanted Violet to be about! 🙂

  • I’m often wary about first person, but it does work so well if the character is well done.

  • Cat

    Liviania – I share your wariness of first person writing, however I seem to have stumbled onto a couple of wonderfully written books with first person point of view. I’m lucky. 🙂

    Melissa – You are more than welcome! When there’s a great book out there – especially for young girls – I am one of the loudest supporters you’ll find. (In a thoroughly charming and sweet way, of course!) I think I got it because it seems we seem to be some sort of soulmates. HA!