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wasps vs edward

I do not like those wasps. They refuse to die. We’ve emptied an entire can of RAID HORNET & WASP at them and yet they still keep coming. Mind you that hole is really tiny so I doubt we’re actually getting the right spot.  So today we went and bought some new stuff, it’s a bigger can and it has a tube thing that you stick in the hole and spray and then, I guess, run for your life before they come out and try to kill you dead?

We also got a wasp trap.. so it’s supposed to be one.

See how nicely it goes with our crappy porch light? (We really need to get a new one, one that works better and isn’t falling over… and I want new numbers AND a new mailbox! But I digress…) So this thing is supposed to lure the wasps to a watery doom. So the box says.

They should leave their little hidey-hole in my wall, above my door and buzz angrily down to the trap, which is supposed to smell all sweet and appealing to them and then they are supposed to DIE.

Only so far we don’t seem to have caught any and when I was out there taking this photo I was harassed by 5 of them. Bastards.

In other news, Shawn took Annie to work today as he had a work pic-nic from 12-3 (rather than just his half day on Friday). She was quite happy with the outing believe it or not. The pic-nic was on the mountain and she apparently BOUNDED! Annie doesn’t bound, you see. I swear she gets more puppy-like the older she gets. I have already sub-titled her The Curious Case of Annabelle Lappie. (Yes, my dogs have sub-titles. What?)

I was left home alone with Jinx, the dog who sulks if he doesn’t get to go with Annie. He sulked so much he went upstairs to my bedroom and slept on the bed while I was downstairs on the couch. Then Shawn phoned to tell me he got us a Costco membership! Yay! Costco was sponsoring the pic-nic (I don’t know) and he got us one since we’d been talking about it for a while now. And he was told by the lady who sold it to him that we could go TODAY! to Costco and with the paper proving we bought a membership it wouldn’t be a problem.

Yeah, it was a problem. When Shawn came home I was so excited I put on outdoor clothes and we went off to Costco to look around (we don’t really have any money to shop there right now) and yet, when we got there the dude at the door sent us to the Customer Service counter where the lady there did some stuff with her computer and then said “Oh, well you can’t come in today, you’re not in the system. You just bought this 2 hours ago.” Um, yes. And we were told we could shop today. “Oh, no. You can maybe come back tomorrow.” She was pretty heavy on the maybe.

Like I’m going to Costco on a Saturday. Thanks, but no thanks. We’ll wait until later in the week and go after work, or next Friday afternoon. Assuming we’re in the system by then.

Which sucks, because I really wanted some pillows they have right now. My in-laws got them and they are just the right softness for me and I am in desperate need of new pillows. My neck hurts.

So we went to Dix30 where we spent more than we should have on a late lunch/early dinner, spent more than I should have at Chapigo (I wasn’t going to buy anything! We need groceries! Argh!) and then spent more money at Wal-Mart, where aside from the wasp stuff I loaded up on CANDY. Which is very, VERY, odd for me. Can you say really bad PMS week? I don’t buy candy like that. Ever. Well, not since I was 13 or something.

And then when we came home I went to lie down even though it was 5:20pm. I had a migraine happening on top of really bad allergies (my nose is completely blocked. Ugh!) and I just wanted to make it all go away.

And I keep thinking it’s Saturday, so I am happy that it’s not and I still have 2 more days to battle this hormone & allergy attack and do more nothing.

I shall leave you with this photo of me and the Twilight-inspired version of Emily Brontë’s Wuthering Heights. I posted about these stupid books on Facebook earlier this week and imagine my surprise when I came across it in the store. Ugh. I am so sick of Twilight. But you know this IS “Bella & Edward’s Favorite Book”. I know it is because the cover says so!


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