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weekend roundup [warning: LONG]

There was never a dull moment this weekend. In fact the entire week was pretty full of anything and everything. The week started off with my vertigo thing, my father having surgery (everything is ok), my GI appointment, blood tests galore while still suffering from vertigo (NOT fun), our car breaking down totally on Tuesday night, on the way home from work after having picked up dinner. We were stuck a block away from the take-out place in the pouring rain and had to call our first tow truck. Wednesday night my father was well enough and he and my mom drove us to the Chrysler Dealership so we could go sign some papers, do the credit check and take that final step towards purchasing our new car – which we were totally going to wait until the END of the summer for… but the New Yorker dying a horrible death pushed that up a little. Thursday was…um… I have no idea, aside from work craziness, Friday after getting the Official Word we picked up our new baby at 6:00 pm.

Isn’t she lovely? She’s a 2007 Dodge Caliber SXT in an awesome shade of candy apple red. Our old car (actually my FiL’s car) is sitting at the top of our driveway waiting to go to Car Heaven.

Jinx has been quite curious as to what this strange thing is in our driveway…

that doesn't look edible

We haven’t taken the dogs anywhere in the car yet, but we will soon! I’m just happy that if we do have to take them somewhere in the summer the car will be cool enough for them. And the back seats go down so they won’t get the seats all furry!!

Saturday was my Aunt’s memorial service at my (former?) Church. I was more upset at having to go into the Church than I was about attending the memorial service. It was a very lovely mass and my father and I sang with the woman who was hired to sing. I am not a big organ-church-music person (my choir didn’t use the organ, we had real instruments :P) but it was nice to sing. I’m much more comfortable expressing myself through song than I am any other way. There was family there I hadn’t seen in a long time and the best part of this entire weekend is that my Uncle (my mother’s brother) came in from Vancouver with his wife and (almost) 2-year old son for the service. I have not seen my Uncle John in 7 years and it was probably about 15 years before that when I saw him last. He doesn’t get back home all that often (too expensive and never enough time). Having him and his new family here was a great thing for my grandparents, who really didn’t think they would see their new grandchild again after they saw him at 4(?) months old. My Aunt Kathryn who passed away was the middle child between my mom and Uncle. She was 53 years old.

We had a small reception at a restaurant near my Grandparents’ apartment (one they go to every day for lunch) and I got to catch up with my 3rd cousins whom I have not seen a while either (my wedding I think might have been the last time…) and that’s strange since they all live in the same town as my in-laws’ and I was there for a year! (What? We’re just not a very friendly people, Shawn and I. ;))

I was in the singing mood so I actually went to mass AGAIN that evening (my family has always attended Saturday evening mass since we’re not morning people and that mass has the BEST choir which I was a part of – and even directed for a while – for years). I’m really not a Church person anymore… or even a Catholic, I guess. I suppose you’re always Catholic if you’ve been raised that way, but I just don’t like organized religions. But I love to sing. And I love to sing with my choir and I love to sing the songs my choir sings. And I needed that release on Saturday. And I might go back, maybe not weekly, but I will go and although I feel a little hypocritical going for the singing and less for the whole Church thing, to me, singing is as close to being spiritual as I ever get. To me singing is my soul and my prayer. So as long as I am getting something out of it, I’m ok with that.

I have yet another weird flower in my yard – this one is in the front:

Shawn and I spent today running around town doing various errands (and driving our car) it was hot and sunny for most of the day, but I was happily air conditioned. 🙂

tired but happily air conditioned

I am extra exhausted this weekend. The week took a whole lot out of me and this weekend wiped out what was left. Family and emotional things always drains a person.

On one of our many errands this afternoon I bought myself a lovely bike helmet. It matches the colour of my 16 year old bike. What do you think of it?

What?? It SAID it’s for Ages 5 and UP! I’m UP! (My inner child is totally 5 though, so it’s all good!). It fits my head, so there. I ? Tinker Bell and the Disney Faeries!

Tonight my Uncle John, his wife Magi and their son Joshua took us out to dinner. If my Uncle had lived closer to me I swear I’d be a rock star by profession by now. He’s so musical and has his own recording things and I have always regretted that we lived so far apart. I showed him my awesome purple guitar and wished that he was closer so that he could teach me more than the 5 chords I know now. Ha!

(ok, so you can’t really see my Uncle’s face in this photo, but he’s there!)

Here I am with my awesome Uncle John after dinner.

And so my friends, it is now after 9:30 and my eyes are having trouble staying open. I think I shall take my sleepy self to bed and hope it cools down enough to sleep comfortably. We’ve all got to go back to work tomorrow (including my darling husband who had the last week off – a week he desperately needed!). Morning comes early these days. (My saving grace is that in one more week I have my Fridays off and I get to enjoy my summer with 4-day work weeks. Wheee!)

6 comments to weekend roundup [warning: LONG]

  • caliber?? AWESOME! summer fridays? MAN I MISS THOSE!
    I miss you too! Congrats on the new car. and the bike helmet. i’ll have to send you pics of my bike/helmet soon.

  • So many things in one post!!!!


    Love the helmet and adore the car!!! Also – going to church to sing is an AWESOME reason to go. Doesn’t matter. You go to sing, you go for the fellowship, you go for the voices joinging together in prayer, you go for the message… whatever reason you go for, that is what they are there for. To be there for you spiritually, emotionally… sing your little heart out girlfriend!

  • Awesome new car! Love it! Sorry your old one had to die. Sounds like you had one hell of a week. Looooove the bike helmet. And your purple hair. Dang, I wish I could get away with that myself.

    Hope this week goes better for you.

    Oh, and the flower looks like a poppy to me. Papaver is the latin, I think.

  • Love the car! That helmet is adorable and soooo YOU!

  • Nice car!

    What a cool flower.

    I guess seeing family you don’t normally see is a positive side to going to a funeral. I’m sorry about your aunt, it’s very sad when people die so young.

    keep smiling gorgeous! xo

  • Cindy Lou

    MAN, you’ve had a lot going on! Congrats on the new car. I had a customer who wanted to get a loan for her “Cabiler” and I was so annoyed I wanted to say “if you can’t even pronounce the name of the car you are NOT allowed to finance it here!”

    I like your helmet.