the anomaly that is me

welcome december

Hi. My name is Cat, and this is my 16th blog post in 2017.

I have written this before but… I miss blogging. I never seem to have the time to do it though. And the past few years I haven’t felt like I have anything that I can write about. Sure, I have a lot of things to write about, but they aren’t things I want to write about online.

And yeah, stupid FB takes up all the tiny, micro-stories I have to tell. It’s easier to write a paragraph there than post over here, and link back to FB so people can read me. Because besides my parents, I am not even sure anyone else reads the blog anymore.

But it’s December and that means that it’s time for my Christmas look. So here it is. Hopefully I’ll post more this month. I have some plans. But you know how things go when I plan them… they don’t go at all.

So who know how December will play out.


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