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well, at least one of us is happy

Annie is happy, she’s got her couch back. As soon as she realized yesterday that it was downstairs she has reclaimed her cherished spot. Mummy and dog are now reunited on the Wonder Couch!

annie on her couch

When Annie heard me up this morning she came waddling down the stairs at high speed and was up on the couch in a heartbeat with her nose on my lap. Made it a little hard to type (note wireless keyboard on the table, the other side of the couch is where we have the computer set up!) but it was nice to cuddle with The Belly again. She really does seem quite content to have the couch back. The one upstairs is “Sassy’s” and Annie and Jinx are not allowed on it. Well, Annie can get away with being up there when I am on it, but they don’t let Jinx on at all in case Sassy gets jealous. So my rule? Only MY dogs are allowed on this couch. It is after all my couch.

In the photo above, Annie is curled up on her side of the couch and sulking. We had a vet appointment with x-rays today and she’s a little mad at me (I had to help hold her down while the x-rays were taken). Luckily there is nothing glaringly wrong with Annie, she’s got some little spots that are like bronchitis-type spots, so either she has a bronchial infection (so, more cortisone pills) or she’s got asthma. I would actually be happy if she has asthma because it’s treatable and not something super serious. I was so worried that the x-rays would have shown something wrong with her heart or something more serious with her lugs, but thankfully no.

Other than that? The first thing I thought of when I looked at my alarm clock this morning was that it’s one month until Christmas (my awesome clock has the date on it, too). Ugh. I don’t give a flying fig about Christmas this year. What money we do have we’re saving, and I am at the conclusion that we aren’t even going to be able to buy anything more than a shack in a slum. Great. I don’t want to have Christmas, I don’t have my own Christmas things, I don’t have my own place to decorate… I’m just… BAH HUMBUG, I say!

Of course I will have to buy Annie and Jinx something… heh.

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