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well, that was awkward

This evening at mass, as we were starting our second song during communion, one of the ladies who gives out communion was walking towards the choir to wait for us to finish singing. This woman is older, maybe in her 70s and as she was walking over she slipped off the raised surface of the altar floor and fell, almost into the choir, flat on her face. Her face actually bounced off the floor. It looked so painful and was so shocking the entire congregation was silent. We stopped singing mid-phrase and everyone rushed to help her.

Once she was lifted up and walked back to her seat, us choir members filed into line to receive communion. Everything was silent while we watched the alter servers tidy up and put things away. Suddenly one of my friends, who is our guitarist, turns to her sister and I and said, “Oh no, our last song!”

The song we were about to sing, the one that gets sung as the priest and everyone processes out after mass was, “He Will Not Let You Fall”.

Seriously. We muttered amongst ourselves before the final blessing whether or not we should make a quick switch of the song, but there was no time.

So we closed mass tonight singing, “He Will Not Let You Fall” merely moments after that poor woman wiped out.

Talk about awkward and ironic.

Of course I prayed for her after I received communion. I really hope she will be ok.

4 comments to well, that was awkward

  • No. way. That is just too much. If it wasn’t so horrible it would be hilarious!

    The poor dear! I bet she was embarrassed. I hope she’s none the worse for wear. 🙁

  • Mummy

    But He will pick you up again! 🙂

  • Even though I am experiencing the saddest day of my entire life, this post made me smile. Maybe I’m too much of a #itch for love and that is why it failed. I mean, I found your post funny. That’s not good, is it.
    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈

  • I’m evil, since, like Maria, I found your post humorous. I do hope the woman is okay, though.