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what i did on my christmas vacation

I painted. I know I have uploaded photos to facebook and twitter already but because I couldn’t upload them to my actual blog server until it was fixed late this week, I’m finally updating my blog. 😉

This paint job took 4 days because our King size bed is too much bed for anyplace other than our bedroom. We took everything else out of the room, covered the bed with plastic and pushed it into a corner. We did two walls first and then finished with the rest of the room. This takes a while because paint takes a while to dry and we had to make sure that the old colour was decently covered. The old colour sucked.

It suck, suck, suckitty-sucked. We never did paint when we moved in. Mostly because the bed was the first thing delivered and we only had the ONE bed and we were moving in right away. I didn’t want to sleep on the floor in another room while we waited for this one to be done. Plus? I had no idea what I wanted to paint. However after 4 years of restless sleep in this cigarette-butt orange room, I decided, ENOUGH!

Originally we were going to paint last February but during the time I took off work to do this I had laser eye surgery instead. Plus at that time I wanted my colours to be navy blue and white. I think switching to the cooler blue was a better choice to be honest. We didn’t paint in the summer because it was so humid our walls were damp. Ugh.

In August we bought our paint. We brought in the New Year with a newly painted room (still in progress) therefore sleeping each in a separate room since neither of our guest beds can fit two people. I didn’t feel quite right about that though, so I hope it wasn’t a bad omen or something. =/

It is amazing how much brighter the entire room is. I mean, we even switched one crappy lamp for the other crappy one, that looks slightly better but gives off less light – and it’s STILL brighter than the craptastic orange room.

I even splurged at the Dollar Store and bought us some $2 acrylic decals to put on the wall. We had a choice between the dead tree (above) and this Tree Of Life type tree. We were going to go with the Tree of Life but we couldn’t figure out for the life of us how to put the TRUNK together. It made no sense and came with no instructions. So, Dead Tree won.

I went back to the Dollar Store and looked for decals that might have had birds as a part of their decor. I didn’t feel like sticking the Tree of Live leaves on this Dead Tree, but if we could find some ravens or something to add to the wall it would be cool. I found something with Swallows. Not quite the same feel as ravens, but still. They have yet to be put up however because I wanted to finish painting one more thing.

The border around the closet and door needed to be finished. I didn’t do it last week (except for the first coat around the door) so I finished off the closets and door today. Now we’re not looking at a blank white wall when we’re in bed. There is some colour to mix it up.

And this is the final shot with all the furniture back in from last week. I will post a photo with the birds when they are up.

The irritating weird shadow is the reflection of the mirror from the flash. I was frustrated that it kept showing up. I can’t seem to get a decent photo. I shall try when the birds are added to the wall.

Also to be added is my grandparents’ wintery painting that I used to have over the bed. It will be going on the wall with the window rather than over the bed. I still have to put that up. I am loath to hammer nails into my newly painted wall! But it will go up now that everything else in the room is done. I’ll put up a photo of that, too, along with the birds.

It is so comfortable sleeping in this room now. I can even read my book before bed with just that one light and it’s bright as anything! I’m still having nightmares but I think that’s also due to the direction the bed is facing. (Don’t laugh! It’s true!) but the bed being Too Much Bed for the house only fits in this one direction. It’s still a much more positive space now and it makes me happy!


  • Maria

    I love it! Love the tree! Love it! So bright and airy. It will be so good for you and your health.
    It’s so wonderful knowing there are nice people like you out there on the planet. I can’t wait to meet you both one day.
    I wish I hadn’t been so farked up this past two years, pining, whining, etc, and had instead visited readers like what you is.
    😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈 😈
    It’s going to be an interesting year because I am no longer a prisoner of the lurvvvvv bug.

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