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you never really think about having to swallow until you can’t do it


I think I am sick.

And I know, you’re thinking “Cat, you’re always sick!” and generally I am, but since September 2006 (Edited to say, apparently LAST April I had a cold with a bad cough! I totally forgot about that so it musn’t have lasted that long! I saw a post about it when I was linking to the photo of the empty living room from last year. oops!) it has only been stomach (or migraine) related.

Everyone at work has been sharing this respiratory, sinus cold thing since the end of the summer. I have miraculously been immune to all those germs. Why? I have no idea. Maybe Fate felt sorry for me with all my fall apart intestinal problems. Who know.

The thing is I have not had a cold since the Plague of Yore after our trip to Upper Canada Village in September 2006. I can’t afford to get one NOW when I have my grandparents (in their 90s and susceptible to germs), my father (undergoing treatments and susceptible to germs) and an 18-month old niece coming to dinner on Sunday for my father’s 60th birthday. I can’t get all these people sick!

I also, apparently, can not spell susceptible according to all the underlines when I spell check.

I am seriously hoping that this pain in my neck and throat and left ear are mainly dust related. We still have a lot of dust from when our floors were re-varnished while away and though I have been cleaning it up at a snails pace, there is still considerable amounts. This weekend we moved a lot of things around, too. We got a nice new rug last weekend at IKEA (Swedish for ARRGGGHH! GET BETTER PARKING LOTS!) and this weekend we just bought two new funky lamps. Our little living room is slowing turning into a nice, lived-in place.

Oh! And guess what? ONE YEAR AGO TODAY!!!! We became home owners!

Damn, I totally distracted myself from the real reason for this post. Oops. I swear I can be distracted by air. I have the attention span of a radish.

The distraction did remind me that I need to charge my camera because it is dead and I would very much like to take a photo of our nifty new living room things. So I should bring the camera upstairs with me since I have not yet unpacked the charger from our suitcases. And oh, I need to finish unpacking our suitcases from the trip.

Blargh. Too much to do and I STILL can’t really swallow.


[EDIT: Managed to squeeze some life out of ye olde camera.]

It’s hard to get a good shot of the entire room the way the house is made… and you know, do you think I can get a decent shot of BOTH dogs if I tried? Hell, no! But try to take a photo of the living room and yell at them to get out of the way…?

Perfection. Silly doggies.

And just so you don’t think that our nice new floors are all scratched up… the bottom left corner of the second photo seems to have caught the edge of my cedar chest. It’s a family heirloom, my grandmother got it on her 21st birthday. Yes, the one who just turned 90. And on it is a book I have borrowed from Monkey. The nice new floors can be seen to the right of Annie. 😉

Meritt had a really good point in the comments… click HERE to see this room a year ago April. Heh.


  • maja

    oh my god I am so with you on the ikea car parking situation. Everywhere in the world they don’t have enough spots. They just opened a new store with 900 parking spots in perth and by lunchtime it’s full and people are parking in a sandy empty lot nearby and traffic is backed up for kilometres.

    I like your rug, looks great!

    I can’t believe it’s already been a year since you bought your house! It’s gone so quick!

  • meritt

    I remember all the photos of your house before you put your furniture in and made it ‘yours’. It’s wonderful to see how it’s evolved over the past year! 🙂

    Has it really been a year already? OY!

  • foradifferentkindofgirl

    I have been telling too many people how I’ve not been sick, even with sick people around me all the time. Apparently, I should have just kept my braggin’ mouth shut, because I’m now sick. Grrr!

    I love those lamps, btw!!

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