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YoshiBear in the window

I have had nothing to write about. Nothing that I feel is worthy about posting online, anyhow. I suppose I could post little bits and bobs of posts from my phone, but I just don’t like blogging by phone.

I feel bad though, because I love having this blog, and I love (or I used to love) blogging. I am not sure what’s up with me and blogging these days, but I’m not neglecting it on purpose.

I think perhaps my perspective on what to write about has changed over the years. Sometimes you have such a run of bad news, and negativity, that you step back from sharing things with the entire world (aka, Internet). Once the clouds clear away, you’re stuck in the non-sharing mode and it’s apparently difficult to get back into the swing of things.

I could blog about how Yoshi turns down my sheets almost every night about bed. (I will – I just need to edit the photos so I can upload them.)

I could blog about how I came home from work early last week and discovered that Shawn had made the house magical, and sparkly by putting up out-door lights. And when I walked into the house, he had also put up other Christmas decorations, and it just made my bad day seem so far away because…WHIMSY! (Again, I have to edit photos.)

I could blog about how the course I am taking this semester – Intro to Book Design – is taking up SO MUCH of my time, but OMG am I ADORING the course. I am currently making a travel guide to Disney World. But using InDesign is time consuming, and I just don’t HAVE much free time until this course is over.

I’m also knitting again. I’m working on a scarf for a friend, though Yoshi is quite concerned about his own lack of scarf. The one I started for another friend months ago, was finally finished. Yoshi was thrilled, until I washed it and wouldn’t let him near it. He wanted it for himself. For some reason he likes wearing scarves. Perhaps I’ll make him one for Christmas.

I just don’t know what to write about anymore. I don’t want this to become a dog-blog, because I’m more than just a person who talks about her dogs (shush. It’s true! Although my instagram feed sort of makes it look like I only discuss Yoshi.)

Anything you folk(s) want to read about? So far I know my Mum reads my blog… I hope some others still do. 😉 Leave a comment if you want me to write about something. That might help me get back into the groove of things.

Meanwhile, I leave you with that lovely above photo of Yoshi. Since Shawn put up the lights, I get a lovely, sparkly YoshiBear in the window when I come home from work. It’s the most heart-warming thing EVER!

belatedly outrageous (truly!)

Seriously, you guys. The older I get, the more difficult blogging becomes. Not because I don’t have anything to say (I ALWAYS have things to say!) but because I just don’t have the time or energy to write it all down at the end of the day. Which is why I am writing about my Halloween on the 8th of November. Just turn your calendars back to last month whilst you read this, ok? It’ll seem like October all over again!

Back in 1985 I had one idol. She had a band called the Holograms. Her name was Jem.

Jem is Truly Outrageous!

I wanted to BE Jem. I wanted to sing pop songs, make music videos, have magic earrings, and PINK HAIR! I knew from a very, very young age that I wanted to sing and make records, but once I saw the flashing, glittery-glamour of Jem appear on my tv screen back in ’85, I knew what my life’s calling would be.


It’s taken WAY too long for that to happen.

Cat Cat is Truly Outrageous! Jem Costume

But for one day this year, I got to live that dream. No singing. No record deals, but I came to work dressed as Jem and I was so happy. Thanks to my amazing husband, and his gifting me a Christmas present way early, I even had the magical earrings!

magical Jem earrings

People – these earrings LIGHT UP! No magical Synergy or holograms, but still. They light up! Woot! I could “Showtime, Synergy!” all day and make the little stars flashy flashy. It was amazing.

It’s not the most perfect of costumes. I made it myself thanks to some dollar store items, and an inside out nightgown from WalMart. Oh, and those shoes. People. The shoes. They cost me $2.99 and I only bought them because my besties told me I had to – but they made the costume! (And were surprisingly comfortable for sneaker-heels.)

Jem costume and shoes

Yoshi helped me put the costume together by laying on almost every item I had on the floor when I was making it. He’s helpful that way. He even got tangled in the thread when I was sewing the fringe on my belt. Since I knew how much he loved helping me make my costume, I had the brilliant idea to have Yoshi join me in living my Jem dream. On Halloween, as we gave out candy, I had Yoshi dressed up as Rio, Jem’s boyfriend!

Jem and Rio 4EVA!

One toddler tie (which was bought for Jinxy right before he passed away :(), and one Hawaiian shirt with the collar popped (that Shawn bought over the summer and then forgot about), and VOILA! Jem has a boyfriend in 80s chique!

Yoshi the Finnish Lapphund as Rio from Jem

So I might have waited 30 years (WHAT? Ugh.) to become my first idol, but then I milked that costume for all it was worth and wore it for two days. My eyes weren’t all that happy about it though. Two days of awesome 80s Jem eye make-up my poor little eyes were itchy and cranky. But my gosh if it wasn’t worth it and so much fun!

It was – wait for it – TRULY OUTRAGEOUS!

Jem makeup and earrings

Showtime, Synergy!

remembering – 2015 edition

erin walker 1977-1994

erin walker :: august 6, 1977 – october 23, 1994

when i close my eyes

she’s too young to be forgotten
her world has only just begun
her future is an empty slate
waiting to be filled
and i see her
standing there
when i close my eyes

dancing in the sky
over moonbeams, around clouds
starlight in her eyes
angels in her hair
and i see her
when i close my eyes

child of the sunlight
daughter of the day
sleeping on bed of roses
with flowers in her hair

the wind it softly kissed her cheek
the raindrops fell like tears

and i see her
when i close my eyes

a thousand white candles
their flames dancing with the air
as rocks play tag with ocean

she’s fast asleep
never to be woken

and i see her
when i close my eyes

© catherine healy
October 23, 1994


In 1994, I was 18.

As of tomorrow, I’ll be 3 months away from my 40th birthday.

Something about today was nagging at me. I couldn’t believe that October had vanished in the blink of an eye. I don’t even remember it starting (likely because I was out cold with a flu and fever the first two days of this month).

Today we went out to lunch with a friend who had worked her last day at her current job, and was about to start a new job next week. She’ll be working at a stable, with horses, on the South Shore.

When I got back to my desk, and half way through a task it hit me. Today (and tomorrow) is the 21st anniversary of losing one of my best friends, and her mother because of a car accident. They were on their way home from a riding lesson – horses, south shore, and October.

I often feel like I’m still 18. It’s difficult for me to get my head around the fact that I’ll be turning 40. Having worked in a school environment for so long has added to that baffling concept I am sure. I still think of time in form of semesters.

I will never be 18 again, but Erin will always remain 17. Twenty-one years separates us now. That’s old enough to drink the US. That’s considered adult. An entire lifetime has happened in the years between the accident and today.  It’s mind boggling.

I will always miss Erin, and her mother, Heather. Though I think I have let go of the anger that I carried with me for so long. I think this because I don’t watch the calendar for these two days to approach in October anymore. Now the anniversary sneaks up on me and I remember, fondly, the times we had together. Back then those years felt like forever together, only now am I realizing that more time has passed since the accident than the amount of time we knew each other.

But as always, I remember. And I will always honour that remembrance with this post.

seven things on a sunday

Seven Things on a Sunday @ Beyond Elsewhere


1 – Woah. I haven’t done a Seven Things on a Sunday since DECEMBER 2014! What? That’s crazy. I was sure I’d done one this year. I’m a horrible blogger. Yeesh.

2 – I like nail polish in theory, but not in practice. I love the idea of it. I see all these pretty colours in bottles and I buy them, and I love seeing colour on other people’s nails, but then I like it for about 30 seconds after I put it on. After that, it just bothers me. I don’t know why. And I can’t stand nail polish remover, so I never use it and just let the polish I might be wearing, flake off. Making me look like I’ve lead a harsh life on the streets or something.

3 – I am happy to report that this fall I am not falling to pieces as I have for the last two years. I am a little nervous about getting through the winter and, mostly, March, but I’ve been feeling pretty strong lately in the mental department and I am so thankful for this. I will have ups and downs going forward, and I accept that. I’m just happy to be feeling a lot more like myself than I had been. I’m also aware of how I have changed since the traumatic incident in 2013. Some good. Some bad. But I’m able to work with it now. So, yay!

4 – I used to have a pretty big sweet tooth, but I have noticed as I get older that I just don’t care much about cookies and cakes as I used to. In fact, some sweet things have sat around for so long that we end up tossing them out. Not that we were completely junk food sweets people, but we’d at least eventually finish a box of cookies, or cupcakes. Now? Nope. Who am I?!

New CKC Champion Finnish Lapphunds! Mysti and Yoshi!

5 – I have never known a dog like YoshiBear. I’m convinced that he is a stuffed animal brought to life through magic. He is completely devoted to me and follows me EVERYWHERE. Annie was my soul mate dog, and Jinx was our heart, but Yoshi is my shadow and fills me with such comfort that I never knew I could get from an animal. The second-to-last weekend in September we had a friend stay over with her three dogs, and we went to a dog show that was semi-local to here. Having 5 Finnish Lapphunds in the house was fun and exhausting. Sophie was happy when they all went home (although she was pretty swayed to their cause when she discovered that two of those three dogs were on a raw food diet. HAMBURGER MEAT? YES PLEASE!!). Yoshi finished off his Canadian championship that weekend, as did my friend Manon’s girl, Mysti. Here they are in their Awkward Prom Date Photo above. It was a fun weekend, which I will eventually write about (hahahahahah! No! Really!!), and it made me wish I lived a little closer to other people with Lappies because they are completely my soulmate breed. Yoshi is done being pretty in competitions for now I think. It’s not really my cup of tea, but it’s fun to meet up with friends and play with dogs.

6 – Crap. I don’t think I can remember all seven things I wanted to write about for this post. It’s taking me way too long to write.

7 – It’s almost 9:30 pm and I am up past my bedtime and I still don’t remember what I wanted to write about when I started this post. When did blogging get so hard? Why is this difficult? Good grief. I shall try to blog at least twice more this month. Someone remind me about this at regular intervals, ok? Thanks.

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