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    pook house,  the anomaly that is me

    thoughts, conflicted

    You know what I have wanted since I was a teenager? To move out of my Province and to another one. And it’s taken decades for this to become a reality, and it’s a precarious situation that I am still paranoid will fall apart. But here we are. Two weeks…

  • the anomaly that is me

    stronger roots

    Fourteen years ago today, our apartment was on fire. Seven years ago today a man jumped off a building and landed at my feet. On Monday it will be thirteen years since we picked up the keys to this, our first (bought) home. As of Wednesday we officially have an…

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    pook house


    FINALLY! I mean, the stress and anxiety aren’t completely out of the picture, but at least our house is sold! That was a very long six months. I am so thankful to have a friend who is also a wonderful real estate agent, and is much better at being calm…